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images © Gabriel Ponton
I am a cinematographer based in New York. I was born in South Africa in 1990 and grew up in Cape Town where I studied Philosophy.  At the age of 15,  during an internship as a newspaper photographer,  I figured out  that telling stories through images was how I wanted to spend my time. 

In 2014 I moved to New York to attend the International Center of Photography and a few years later my interests started shifting toward cinematography.

I co-directed and shot The Andrew Yang Show (2021) for The New Yorker Documentary and dp/directed my first short film, Give and Take (2021) with grants from Arri Inc. and The National Geographic Society. These shorts premiered at DOCNYC and Rooftop Films respectively. I recently shot my second narrative short, Profanities, which will premiere at festivals this year.

I work across narrative, commercial and documentary genres and enjoy collaborating with directors and crew to tell stories I care about.

Currently I’m an ASC Vision mentee program, guided by George Mooridian, ASC. I live in Brooklyn, NY where I run a small production company with my husband 🏳️‍🌈